Heather Hansen is a specialist in global communication, and she's been running on-demand, live online, and blended learning programmes since 2013. Shirley Taylor is a leading expert in written communication and she's been running popular public and corporate training programmes since 2002.


Heather and Shirley have now joined forces to provide a selection of communication training programmes to meet the needs of many organisations and individuals in these challenging times. 

They have worked hard to provide the same high level of engagement of their live, face-to-face training in their interactive virtual training programmes. Feedback from corporate clients so far has been great, at 96% client satisfaction and above.

Registration now open for these interactive virtual training programmes

Communication That Works
How to speak and write with confidence

and get great results


with Heather Hansen and Shirley Taylor

Thursday 21 May 2020

9.00am to 5.00pm Singapore time

Fee: S$375 per person (S$350 for 3 or more)

Does your communication build relationships or does it break them? Does it encourage action or create confusion? In today’s fast-paced, international business environment, clear and confident communication (both written and spoken) is more important than ever.


In this fun and interactive program, you’ll learn some simple strategies you can start using immediately to get your message across and get better results.


Whether writing an email, participating in meetings or conference calls, or just making small talk with colleagues, this course will help you fine tune the little things that make a big difference, so you can start communicating with confidence and get the right results.

Speak Up Successfully with Heather Hansen

- Commonly confused words and pronunciation

- How stress works, and why it's important

- A fun look at common grammar problems

- Connecting with confidence every time

- Making a great first impression


Write Effective Emails with Shirley Taylor

- Main challenges in today's email writing

- Are you writing for 2020 or 1920?

- Key rules of great email writing

- How structure helps you and your reader

- Transforming real business messages


Get To Grips With Grammar

A refreshing approach to improving your English language 


with Heather Hansen

Wednesday 27 May 2020

9.00am to 5.00pm Singapore time

Fee: S$375 per person (S$350 for 3 or more)

Few people will tell you English grammar was their favourite subject in school. It’s complicated. There are so many rules – and sometimes even more exceptions to the rules! It can be hard to keep it all straight, especially if English is just one of several languages you speak


With the right guidance you can quickly correct your most common grammatical errors once and for all. Join Heather for this comprehensive, highly interactive and fun refresher course in English grammar. This will help you to communicate with ease, speed up your work flow and project a more competent professional image.


Join Heather for the most interesting grammar course you’ll ever attend. You will not only enhance your communication skills, but your confidence too!

- A fun look at common grammar problems

- Parts of speech and why they matter

- Why word order is important in sentences

- Differences in international varieties of English

- Combining clauses to enhance your messages

- Crafty conjunctions and pesky prepositions

- Removing fillers to increase clarity

- Proofreading tips to find common errors 

- Gain confidence in communicating well

Email Writing That Works

Reader-friendly messages that sound

like a human, not a template


with Shirley Taylor

Thursday 28 May 2020

9.00am to 5.00pm Singapore time

Fee: S$375 per person (S$350 for 3 or more)

Where do I start? What should I write? What do I put first? How do I write clearly and concisely? How do I tell the reader the action needed? These and many other common questions are addressed in this popular workshop. 


Most people spend 20-25 per cent of their time writing today, but many writers have difficulty knowing how to write clearly, and readers are often confused with long-winded, unclear messages.


International bestselling author of many email and business writing books Shirley Taylor shares some simple, powerful techniques that will transform your email writing. Using a reader-centred approach and plain English, you’ll gain confidence in crafting concise, understandable messages that get the right results. 



- Our world has changed – but what about our writing?

- Email today: What works? What doesn’t work?

- One key mistake most people are making, and how to fix it

- Why and how we should use Plain English

- The magic formula of Shirley's 4-point plan

- Opening and closing handshakes that build relationships

- Helping readers to scan with bullets and numbers

- Warm or cold? Let's warm your writing

- Practical exercises transforming real business emails

Effective Virtual Meetings

Confident collaboration in online environments


with Heather Hansen

Wednesday 3 June 2020

9.00am to 5.00pm Singapore time

Fee: S$375 per person (S$350 for 3 or more)

Virtual meetings are nothing new, but recent events have pushed many people online for the first time. New rules of online etiquette are quickly being introduced as more people work remotely – possibly permanently.


Do you know how to live up to these new expectations? How do you make a great impression online? Can you create the same connection with clients and colleagues in online environments as you do face to face?


This interactive and experiential workshop answers these questions and more as Global Communication Specialist Heather Hansen draws on almost a decade of experience as an online educator to help you collaborate confidently online.



- The unwritten rules of online meeting etiquette

- Making a great impression virtually (on and off camera)

- Remote meetings vs in-office, online meetings

- How online collaboration tools can lead to greater productivity

- Energy management techniques for tiring online interactions

- When an online meeting is necessary, and other alternatives

- Engagement techniques that hold everyone’s attention

- Communicating and connecting confidently on camera


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